IFMAR GT World Championship comes to a Close

John Grant International Raceway

IFMAR GT World Championship comes to a Close

15 October 2023 News 0

GT World Championship

If you didn’t watch the Finals, you can see them all on our Facebook page and I’ll share with the buttons below.

A fantastic week of intense racing and action to the likes I have never seen before in this sport, The John Grant International Raceway had

the opportunity to host a second world Championship Event. It was a great one starting with an incredible Opening Ceremony. Please watch as it respectfully 

acknowledges the history, our Founders and our journey to today. 

Opening Ceremony

I’ll Skip to the Finals; you can look through our Facebook for all the photos and other Streams.

What an incredible action-packed intense race. Please watch the Race as I won’t give away the winner if you didn’t know.

IC GT WC A Finals

Thank you to all our Sponsors, Liverpool Council, Volunteers and Committees current and Past. It would not have happened without you. 


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