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John Grant International Raceway

RCRA NSW EP State Titles 17-19 May

RCRA NSW EP State Titles Registration is now Open. Please read through the information provided. RCRA EP STATE Titles Registration Here! Stay Tuned for more updates.  

1 April 2024 0

GTe Racing on Large Scale Club Days

GTe is on!! The club is excited to host GTe Class on our LS Large Scale Day’s. When? 24th March & Every 4th Sunday of the Month. Why you ask? Because GTe is fun, and they lay rubber. + Quite a few people have one or want to buy one.  Please contact us if you want…
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16 March 2024 2


RCRA NSW IC State Titles April 19th – 21st IC State Titles Registrations Closed Click to Register Welcome IC Nitro Racers. Registrations are Open! GT will Be running Controlled Tyres. PMT Q3 Racer Supplied RALLY18-Q3 RCRA RULES

29 February 2024 0

Large Scale Group A Final Last Week

Large-Scale A Final Views Note: Registration for Pre-Worlds are Open IFMAR Pre-Worlds Large Scale Registration    

2 February 2024 2

Merry Christmas and a Safe and Happy New Year

MERRY CHRISTMAS & A HAPPY NEW YEAR To all members, friends and guests I would like to wish you, and your families a Merry Christmas. This has been one of the most successful years in the history of our club. Great work by committee past and present. Much thanks go to all the volunteers that…
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24 December 2023 0

Large Scale Pre-Worlds Registrations are Open.

    Large Scale Pre-World Registrations are Open. Pre- Worlds Event Date: 7th – 10th March 2024  Click the Registration button begin your journey. IFMAR Pre-Worlds Large Scale Registration     Additional Important information!!  SET THE DATE!! IFMAR LS World Championship date has Been set! OCTOBER 20th – 27th IFMAR Large Scale World Championship Dates…
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12 November 2023 0

IFMAR GT World Championship comes to a Close

GT World Championship If you didn’t watch the Finals, you can see them all on our Facebook page and I’ll share with the buttons below. A fantastic week of intense racing and action to the likes I have never seen before in this sport, The John Grant International Raceway had the opportunity to host a…
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15 October 2023 0

Working Bee 30th September

Saturday 30th September Work to be done.   Complete segregation barriers. Paint the Segregation Barriers. Change the GPO’s over.  Flagpole. Paint the Curbs. check Grid regulation. Stormwater Grates. More things on the list.

7 September 2023 0

RCRA Large Scale State Titles

NSW RCRA Large Scale Titles Sponsored by Leisure Coast Aluminium Windows & Kitchens Registrations are OPEN. RCRA Large Scale State Tital’s Registration   Rules: Event will be run using current RCRA rules for all classes, Traction additives are strictly forbidden. RCRA Published Rules: Qualifiers: Point score system as per RCRA rules, Minimum of 4 and a maximum of…
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10 August 2023 0

IFMAR 2023 GT World Championship

IMAR 2023 GT WC Event Details Information will be presented through our page updates here: Check the menu at the top for: IFMAR GT WC 2023 IFMAR GT World Championship

18 June 2023 0