Working Bee 4th Nov ’17

John Grant International Raceway

Working Bee 4th Nov ’17

29 October 2017 News 0

Message from club president

We will be holding a working bee on Saturday 4th November, Starting @ 9.00 To 9.30Am ahead of the first national event our club is hosting in November. There is still lots to do and some of the jobs for next weekend include:

• Scrub the track

•Repairs to drivers stand (firm up handrails)

• Erect parking barriers and signage

• Trim gardens/hedges

• Clean up pits and general facilities

• Install more lights (suitable skilled person only)

• Clean out and make repairs to scrutineering shed

• Test and repair if necessary equipment for national events

• Finish painting ripple strips

• Install timber barriers and tyre bumpers

• Fix fences• Install boards around canteen/toilet facility

• Clean our drains on track

• Painting rubber barriers

I am sure there is more than that listed above, this is just what comes to mind.
Can we all please make a concerted effort to encourage members to make some time to help. Our Club will be on display at two national events in November, we must present our best image and professionalism.
Hope to see you all next Saturday at some time.


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