Memo to All Members

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Memo to All Members

11 December 2018 News 0

Memo to all members

Dear Member,

Ahead of the 2019 Racing Season there are a few updates our Committee wishes to communicate with our Members.

Race day fees (Club Days):

To help encourage online registration prior to Club days from 1 January 2019 race day fees for Members will be $15, for those who register online through MyRCM the daily fee will remain unchanged at $10. For non-members the same system will apply with a daily fee of $25 reduced to $20 for those who register online.

If you require guidance or direction for how to register for a Club day on MyRCM please speak with one of our Committee members who will run you through the process.

2019 Club Championships:

IC Section – The Championship has been broken up into 4 series, with an average of 6 rounds per series. Where all 6 rounds are run 2 race results from each series will be dropped, where less than 6 are run 1 round will be dropped to allow for those who cannot attend all club days, have a bad day or other circumstances that may arise. State and National Championships will attract double points. Trophies for each series 1st, 2nd and 3rd, most improved and best junior. Best 3 of the 4 series will determine the Annual Club Champion for each class.

LS Section – The Championship will comprise of 12 race events throughout the calendar year (Including the NSW State Championship). If we are able to run 12 or 11 race days 3 will be dropped, if we run 10 or 9 race days 2 race days will be dropped. If we run 8 or fewer race days, 1 race day will be dropped. There will be a minimum of 4 race days (5 including the drop) to constitute a valid Championship. The dropping of rounds is to allow for those who cannot attend all club days, have a bad day or other circumstances that may arise. The Championship is automatically calculated on MyRCM and can be checked any time throughout the year.

All 2019 Club days, for both classes, are now posted on MyRCM and will accept registration from today.

2020 1/10 IC World Championship:

Our Club has been approached for a second time by our Australian Governing Organisation (Remote Control Racing Australia, RCRA – ‘formerly known as AARCMCC’) to host the 2020 1/10 IC World Championship. We were initially approached several months ago, along with the QLD Club. At that time, we decided to support the QLD Club if they chose to express interest but we were informed by RCRA that they subsequently declined. As a result, RCRA came back to us asking if we would take on the event as there is a desire to host it in Australia. We have considered this request and responded to RCRA advising that we will host the event.

Some members may have seen recent social media communications from the QLD Club indicating discussion about hosting the same event. We firmly maintain our position that we were asked for a second time to host the event on the basis that no other club wanted the event and we have subsequently accepted it on that basis.

This is a big commitment for the Club and a very exciting opportunity for our members and IC racers more widely. As we learn more and gain the formal confirmation, we will be sure to keep our members informed.

We hope to see everyone at this Sundays (16/12/2018) Club Christmas Day. Registration is available online via MyRCM.



Daniel Shaw


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